document automation

Create custom documents in seconds.

Qwikify's document automation software allows users to create fully customisable, person-centred documents in minutes.

Create custom documents in seconds.

Simply select the documents you want, answer the on-screen questions and Qwikify will instantly generate your documents.

Personalised Document Automation.

It has never been easier to create personalised documents with conditional logic and manual amendments.

document automation

Generate multiple documents at the same time.

Save time and generate multiple documents at the same time with Qwikify.

Automate your document reviews

With Qwikify, reviewing documents is fast and easy. You can amend your questions responses quickly while regenerating your documents as many times as you like.

document automation

1. Select the documents you wish to create.

2. Simply answer the handful of multiple-choice questions.

3. Your documents are automatically generated.

4. If you need to add any additional notes or amend the data, you can do this in seconds.

5. Approve your person-centred documents

Automatically synchronise document automation and manual editing.

Combine the speed of automation with the flexibility of manual editing. Personalise your generated documents with manual amendments. Qwikify automatically synchronises your manual amendments even if you regenerate the document.

document automation

Document approval & versioning.

Approve documents and automatically store different versions to maintain an audit trail of changes.

Better, more consistent documentation.

Ensure high quality, consistent documentation in your organisation.

Export to your favourite tools.

Qwikify allows you to simply export to Word, PDF, Google Docs.

document automation

Use our standard or customisable templates.

Get started with Qwikify’s standard templates or use the Qwikify template builder to create your own custom templates.