Create your own custom document templates.

Generate documents with your own custom templates. Our drag and drop template builder allows you to create your own custom smart templates without writing any code.

document automation

Edit existing templates or create your own.

Create your own custom templates or get started with ours

document automation

Add the right content for your business.

Add your own custom content and expert knowledge

Add dynamic fields.

Customise content with drag and drop dynamic fields.

document automation
document automation

Add conditional logic.

Add conditional logic to content to show or hide based on question response values.

Automate any document or form

including care plans, assessments, policies and procedures, audits, HR documents, Health & Safety documents

document automation
document automation

Create your own expert system

with custom rules and logic to generate documents based on user input.

Better, more consistent documentation.

Ensure high quality, consistent documentation in your organisation.

document automation