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App features that allow you to create and share care plans more efficiently

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What We Do

Generate documents on demand. We can provide document automation for any document on any device.  Contact us about your custom requirements.


Getting Started

Follow our step by step guide to create your first set of care plan documents.


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Our free care plan templates help care home staff create better care plans, faster. We can also support any organisation with their custom document automation needs.

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60 seconds or less to create a care plan


10 minutes to create a full set of person centred care plans


Review and update the care plan as many times as you like

Create Care Plans in 3 Easy Steps

Simple Step by Step Instructions

Pick your care plans

Import care plans from a range of choices on the Qwikify Marketplace.

Create your care plans

  1. Answer the on screen prompts and questions about the person’s care needs.

  2. The app will automatically create your care plans based on your answers.

  3. Change your answers to update the care plans as many times as you like.

Share your care plans

Export your care plans in doc or pdf format for editing or to share with your team members.

“This is a great app to use to support care plan writing. It covers a lot of detail that you may not think of straight away and can incorporate into your plans. Looking forward to updates.”

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Runs on Android and Apple phones and tablets. Export and share documents to your favourite applications.


Create care plans on demand from your mobile phone or tablet.  Whether you prefer a phone or a tablet, Apple or Android, we have you covered.

Completely Mobile
Easy to Use

Make handwritten care plans a thing of the past.  If you've ever wondered about the benefits of electronic care plans, you'll be surprised how easy it is.

Save Time

Qwikify will automatically generate draft care plans based on your input.  Save hours creating manual paper based care plans in a few minutes.

Share with Colleagues

Export your care plan documents for editing or to share with team members.  You can export in pdf and doc formats which can be edited in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 



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