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Qwikify frees people and organisations from administration and record keeping and empowers them with insights to make better decisions. Our mission is to help people and organisations create, manage and analyse expert documentation and records, faster, more accurately, anywhere, on demand.

About Us

Administration and regulatory requirements are increasing

Creating and updating expert documentation is vital in health & social care. However, maintaining these records can often be time-consuming and prone to inconsistency and error. One time study found 50.1% of care staff time spent on communication and documentation and 25.9% on direct care.

Technology can deliver better results.

Technology can help reduce the administrative and regulatory workload while at the same time improving quality.

Why Qwikify?

Qwikify has developed a unique approach to creating and maintaining care plans and other documents. Our platform provides:

  • Up to 90% time saving over paper

  • Up to 75% time saving over other digital care plan systems.

  • The ability to customise your own care plan system. We can help you automate your own smart care plans and documents, with your own custom logic and content.

  • The flexibility to automate other document workflows such as policies and procedures.

Our Story

Qwikify started as a project to develop an in-house digital care planning system for a UK care home provider. Existing digital care planning systems primarily focus on daily recordings. The goal of the Qwikify team was to address the challenges of creating and maintaining the care plans themselves. Care staff were taking up to 8 hours spread out over several days to create a new set of care plans on paper and maintaining the consistency and quality of the records was a challenge. The Qwikify team worked with care staff to develop the platform and were able to make a 90% time saving over the previous manual paper care planning system.

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