Care Planning & Digital Social Care Records.

Create better care plans in minutes.

Save time on documentation and create a full set of person-centred, mobile care plans in just a few minutes. Try our free care plan software mobile app.

Digital social care records
Digital social care records
Digital social care records

Generate multiple care plans and assessments simultaneously.

Save time by creating multiple documents at the same time.

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Qwikify was designed to create better person centred care plans, faster. Save hours over manual approaches or existing care planning software.

Generate a full set of Person-centred care plans in under 15 minutes.

Digital social care records

Combine the speed of automation with the flexibility of manual editing. Ask person centred questions to automatically populate into care plans. Further personalise your care plans with manual amendments. Qwikify automatically synchronises your manual amendments even if you regenerate the the care plan.

Person-centred care plans

Automate your care plan reviews.

Review care plans easily, by simply updating question responses. Qwikify will regenerate multiple care plans and assessments based on the new data without overwriting your personalised changes.

Digital social care records

Customise your needs.

Create and add our own care plan formats, forms and assessments. Add your own expert knowledge, content and conditional logic with our drag and drop Template Builder. No coding required.

Create your own standardised care plan creation and review workflow for your staff to follow. Improve quality and enable more delegation.

Better Quality Care Plans.

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Single source of truth. Provide information once and generate multiple care plans and assessments from the same consistent source.

Avoid Duplication & Inconsistent Care Records.

Get started quickly with Qwikify’s standard care plan templates.

Standard Care Plan Templates.

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Mobile Documentation Solutions.

Generate care plans, assessments and other documents from a mobile device in locations with no WiFi or internet access.

Easy-to-use Care Plan Software.

Simply select the care plan you want, answer the on-screen questions and Qwikify will instantly generate your documents. No training required.

Digital social care records
Digital social care records

Care Plan Approval & Versioning.

Approve documents and automatically store different versions to maintain an audit trail of changes.

Export to Your Favourite Tools & Apps.

Qwikify allows you to simply export to Word, PDF, Google Docs.

Digital social care records