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Qwikify announces launch of complete digital care planning solution

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Qwikify can now offer a complete digital care planning solution as part of our time-saving document automation platform.

A digital platform designed specifically for care planning

Qwikify started as a project to develop an in-house digital care planning system for a UK care home provider. Existing digital care planning systems primarily focus on capturing daily recordings; the goal of Qwikify was to help care staff create and maintain care plans themselves, with better quality, personalisation and efficiency.

The platform has now evolved into the only digital care planning system that both automates the care planning process and allows the development of customised smart templates, workflows, content and conditional logic for individual care provider needs.

Care staff love the easy-to-use, time-saving nature of our platform. For example, Qwikify has led to one care home cutting the time taken to generate a full set of personalised care plans from approximately eight hours down to just 15 minutes. Registered managers and clinical leads also love the control our platform provides over care plan quality and personalisation.

Digital Care Plan | A snapshot of Qwikify's template page.

Key features of the platform

  • Our Document Automation technology is what allows users to create and maintain care plans and other documents based on our smart templates. The whole process can be completed in four quick steps.

  • In addition to creating and managing care plans and assessments, care providers can also maintain their daily records and observations.

  • Our Notes and Charts features are designed to be easy to use and to facilitate the quick capture of daily notes and chart entries.

Whether it be care plans, assessments, forms, charts or notes recording; Qwikify meets all of your care planning needs.

Digital care plan | A diagram to show the time it takes to create a person-centred care plan.

Data Protection & Security

Care providers can also be assured that we take their data security seriously. Qwikify has been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus and NHS DSPT (Data Security and Protection Toolkit) accreditation. These accreditations demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to cyber and data security. They are especially relevant to health and social care sectors, where sensitive information is handled on a daily basis.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that launched in 2014, helping organisations guard themselves against cyber attacks. There are two levels of qualification in this scheme: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. To be awarded a Cyber Essentials certificate, organisations must complete a self-assessment of their cyber security and pass the standards set by the scheme. For a Cyber Essential Plus certificate, the initial Cyber Essentials self-assessment must be completed, and then the organisation’s security must be checked by a licensed third party. A Cyber Essentials Plus certificate demonstrates more rigorous testing of an organisation’s cyber security than its lower-level counterpart.

The DSPT (Data Security and Protection Toolkit) is the NHS standard for data security and protection. By successfully completing the assessment, organisations can ensure that they know what is necessary to keep people’s information safe, and they can reassure service users that their data security is being protected.

Qwikify’s Cyber Essentials Plus and DSPT compliance certificates demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding our users’ personal information.

Next steps

Our vision at Qwikify is to free people and organisations from time-consuming administration and record-keeping and to empower them with insights so that they can make better decisions. To do that, we aim to develop a platform that allows people to create, manage and analyse expert documentation faster, more accurately and on demand. We understand that digital solutions can be daunting to care professionals, so we have created a practical, intuitive and user-friendly platform that requires little or no training to be used.

We pride ourselves on being easy to use, but don’t just take our word for it – now that we have launched, we are offering the opportunity for CQC registered care providers and NHS organisations to give it a try for free. Our future plans include more exciting features, and we are keen to work with care providers who want to partner with us to build the next generation of digital technology for the care sector.

If you would like to find more or to arrange a free pilot of our platform, please contact us.

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