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Qwikify platform added to NHS Assured Supplier List for Digital Social Care Records

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Qwikify has been added to the NHS Assured Supplier List as an assured Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) solution.

The NHS Transformation Directorate has launched an Assured Supplier List to assist adult social care providers in purchasing approved digital care planning solutions. This is in conjunction with the UK government’s plan to invest over £100m over the next two years to drive digital transformation across the social care sector (as set out in the whitepaper People at the Heart of Care). Government grant funding is therefore available to purchase an approved DSCR solution.

Today’s announcement means that eligible social care providers can access grant funds from the UK government to implement Qwikify’s next-generation digital care planning solution, and they can be confident that it meets all of their key features and security requirements.

Explainer Video: Why Choose Qwikify?

Not all digital care planning solutions are the same. View our explainer video below to get an overview of our unique features and benefits.

In addition to the NHS Assured Supplier List qualification, Qwikify has also been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus and NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit accreditation. These accreditations demonstrate Qwikify’s commitment to the safety and protection of user data.

Qwikify’s features include the ability to record and manage all social care records including notes, observations, tasks, charts, forms, assessments and care plans. Qwikify’s solution also makes use of its unique document automation technology to help care, providers, generate fully customisable and personalised draft care plans in minutes, saving hours of time and giving care providers greater quality control over their care plan records. Beyond that, Qwikify has an array of pre-built and customisable templates that can be used to create documents, charts and forms, helping social care providers maintain records in a fraction of the time compared to both paper processes and other digital solutions.

Next steps

Our vision at Qwikify is to free people and organisations from time-consuming administration and record-keeping and to empower them with insights so that they can make better decisions. We understand that digital solutions can be daunting for some, so we have created a practical, intuitive and user-friendly platform that requires little or no training to be used.

We have an exciting product roadmap and we are keen to work with care providers who want to partner with us.

If you would like to find out more about our solution or how to access the grant funding please contact us.

NHS Assured Supplier | Qwikify's care plan solutions.

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