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Streamline Your Documentation With Qwikify.

Updated: Jan 18

With a number of software solutions out there claiming to help organisations to streamline their documentation, how do you know which one is right for you?

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Qwikify can streamline your documentation

Many organisations, including those within the care industry, are yet to make the transition to digital platforms to manage their care planning, policies, procedures and other records.

Qwikify started as an internal project in a care home which was entirely paper-based to help care staff create better care plans faster so we understand first-hand how daunting it can seem to make the digital transition.

We know that there are a number of barriers to moving from paper-based systems to digital platforms.

This is why we offer a free tier to allow users to experience the benefits of our easy-to-use platform with minimal training.

We believe that Qwikify is the fastest, most customisable way of creating personalised and expert documentation and has been used successfully for a number of years (20,000+ hours of live testing), passing all inspections.

How will our documentation impact my CQC rating?

As per the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 9, organisations within the care industry are required to ensure:

The intention of this regulation is to make sure that people using a service have care or treatment that is personalised specifically for them. This regulation describes the action that providers must take to make sure that each person receives appropriate person-centred care and treatment that is based on an assessment of their needs and preferences.

Providers must work in partnership with the person, make any reasonable adjustments and provide support to help them understand and make informed decisions about their care and treatment options, including the extent to which they may wish to manage these options themselves.

Providers must make sure that they take into account people's capacity and ability to consent, and that either they or a person lawfully acting on their behalf, must be involved in the planning, management and review of their care and treatment. (

Qwikify's software can help you meet all of the above quickly and easily by allowing you to create a full set of person-centred care plans in less than 15 minutes, saving users more than 90% of the time it takes to create manual care plans.

Completely online, you can create, view, review and share your documents on demand from your laptop. mobile phone or tablet.

The easy-to-use interface allows any member of staff within your organisation, regardless of IT skill or experience, to quickly and accurately create documents for your review. Does something need a tweak? No problem, the Qwikify platform allows you to customise and review as many times as required.

Automate your Policies & Procedures

Users can also use the Qwikify document automation software to fully customise and streamline all of their organisation's policies and procedures, too. You can completely automate the process by adding and customising your own document templates so you'll be safe in the knowledge that they contain the right data, language and content for your organisation.

And, with our development team pulling out all of the stops with future features, there has never been a better time to make the switch to Qwikify.

Try Qwikify for Free Today

You can download our mobile app through the Apple App Store or Google Play platforms or why don't you click below and sign up for a free demo of our incredible Qwikify Online Platform here?

If you have any questions at all regarding Qwikify products or solutions, you can get in touch with us here.


Team Qwikify

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