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The Qwikify Electronic Care Plan System

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

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Qwikify understands health and social care and is committed to providing solutions that will improve care for patients and make care provision easier for staff.

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Designed by a multidisciplinary team of technology and health and social care provider experts, the Qwikify platform can help care providers maintain better care records in less time as well as meet CQC and other regulatory requirements. Qwikify can support small, and medium-sized providers, large groups, NHS, Local Authorities, and private or voluntary sector providers.

Not all electronic care plan software is the same. Qwikify’s unique Agile Care Planning approach provides industry-leading time-saving performance and personalisation. Our platform supports teams to offer the most outstanding level of person-centred care with a digital care planning solution that can manage complex and changing care needs and records with minimal effort and duplication and in the shortest possible time.

You may currently be using a traditional paper method to create and maintain your care plan records. Or perhaps you are already using a digital solution but it hasn’t delivered the benefits you expected. Sound familiar?

What if you were able to combine the personalisation and flexibility of manual paper records with the ease of a digital platform that is up to 90% faster than paper records and up to 75% faster than other digital care planning solutions?

Additional benefits:

  • Consumer-level user experience and ease of use. Care staff can start using the platform with minimal training making it easier to onboard new staff and for organisations to make the switch to digital.

  • A complete overview of the patient’s care plan records. This means that care workers have real-time access to each patient’s most up-to-date data and information.

  • An agile and flexible electronic care home management tool, you and your team will be able to use the time saved to provide an even greater level of outstanding person-centred care.

  • Create records anywhere with the Qwikify mobile app allowing you to create and maintain care records with your patients at the point of care.

  • Providing you with all the tools needed to maintain the Care Quality Commission and other regulatory compliance.

  • Powered by Qwikify’s industry-leading and patent-pending technology.

Software for smaller independent care providers

You may be small but that doesn’t mean that your challenges are small. Whether you’re a start-up or a long-running independent facility, you’re required to provide safe and effective care at every stage of the care process.

Qwikify can provide small care providers with an easy-to-use, affordable solution that works with minimum setup and configuration. As your needs increase we can provide additional features and customisation.

Software for medium-sized care providers

As your organisation grows you may have additional requirements. Perhaps you want to standardise your process with your own custom care planning workflows or perhaps you want to create your own custom smart care plan templates with your own content, rules and logic.

We created the Qwikify platform with you in mind. To the best of our knowledge, Qwikify is the only digital care planning solution which can support care providers to create their own automated smart care plan templates.

As your business grows and evolves, we’re here to grow and evolve with you. Right by your side. Every step of the way.

Qwikify knows that running a medium-sized facility can bring a whole set of individual challenges and we fully understand that you require a comprehensive and joined-up approach to the delivery of care.

An electronic care planning solution can empower your team to prioritise the delivery of person-centred care in a way that delivers the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

A partnership with Qwikify provides you with a full toolkit in real time to improve organisation, coordination and administration while allowing you to spend less time completing records and documents to focus on what matters most. Delivering outstanding care.

Software for Larger Providers and Care Groups.

For large providers or those with the most demanding needs, Qwikify can provide a bespoke, customised solution to your requirements.

You may have your own internal care plan formats, clinical governance and compliance requirements that you want to standardise on every care plan. Perhaps you also want to automate other documents, assessments, policies and procedures, all from the same single source of truth. Qwikify can provide automation to any document workflow, not just care planning. Our platform was designed to meet the most complex and demanding requirements.

Fully scalable and agile, Qwikify can collaborate with teams to create a solution that is completely bespoke to you and your organisation while taking the time to travel along your growth journey with you. We can work with you to integrate with your other platforms and tools.

We can provide you with a comprehensive care planning and document automation consultancy service.

Qwikify can support you in turning your digital care planning solution into a strategic competitive advantage, helping you deliver better care with less administration. Our platform can help you commission and deliver new services and can save significant costs in the provision of short-term placements such as respite care and discharge to assess.

Qwikify is committed to providing the maximum return on your care group software investment and has put more than 20,000 hours into understanding what works and what doesn’t. We’re not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all all solution. We’re here to give you a care planning solution that works the way you work day after day.

Care Planning Software for Community Health

Prior to the pandemic, the NHS was under strain, however, heeding the aftereffects of the Pandemic means that strain is now at unprecedented levels.

Qwikify touched on this in our blog post ‘Discharge to Assess Explained’.

Working to ease the pressure on the NHS, the Government and Integrated Care Boards (previously the Clinical Commissioning Groups) agreed that those who were clinically able to leave acute hospital care but unable to live independently would have their care delivered in the community.

The benefits of the Qwikify platform increase exponentially as the number of care records that need to be created and maintained increases. Qwikify has piloted its platform in NHS Community Care Units and demonstrated potential cost savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds per year in short-stay care environments like hospital recuperation units. Qwikify is aiming to achieve NHS Accredited Supplier Status in Q1 2023.

Automating the processes surrounding care planning, assessments, policies and procedures means Community Care Organisations can tackle staff shortages head-on, mitigate risk to lessen negative impact and significantly reduce costs while continuing to provide the outstanding level of person-centred care expected.

Should you wish to discuss how Qwikify can benefit your team, drop us a line at, give us a call at 0800 6893596 or,

book your free demonstration here.

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